If you have a family, having a school nearby is obviously important. Petroglyph Estates is lucky enough to be in an area with three of Albuquerque’s best schools.

Groceries and Household Items


Groceries and other household items are a necessity to daily life and Petroglyph Estates is within easy driving distance to a variety of stores and service stations.  Some of these are on main roads one would use to go to and from work.  Montano Plaza, a strip mall containing a large chain grocery store and other smaller specialized stores, is at the corner of Montano and Coors.  Cottonwood Mall is located to the north along Coors with many restraurants ringing the mall area.




Family oriented recreation centers and parks are within easy driving distance.  The closest recreation center is the Taylor Ranch Community at the corner of Montano and Taylor Ranch Road NW.  Several parks are located in the vicinity as well as the one within Petroglyph Estates.  Albuquerque’s Park Management Division maintains and manages more than 298 park sites, and a total of 113 miles of developed urban and soft trails.


Public Transportation


Many of Albuquerque’s residents depend on public transportation either as their prime or back up means of getting around.  Albuquerque has an extensive, and growing, system of bus routes serviced by modern buses.  This map shows those routes in the vicinity of the Petroglyph Estates.  As the Estates, area develops; new routes will probably be added to service the area and to help reduce the traffic congestion.  For more information on the transit system, visit