volcanocliffs breakdownVolcano Cliff Sector Development Plan

The Volcano Cliffs Sector Development Plan (VCSDP), which the VCPOA collaborated with the City of Albuquerque, has established building and land use regulations that support attractive, environmentally friendly neighborhoods. The Sector Development Plan includes a variety of large residential, smaller residential, rural residential, mixed use, and commercial zones that provide the foundation for complimentary, but unique, neighborhoods. The Plan also includes parks, trails, and open space nestled among the variety of zones that will provide home owners a myriad of living choices.The Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan (VHSDP) which is just to the north of Volcano Cliffs will be a center for job creation.  Unser Boulevard provides easy access to jobs in Rio Rancho at Presbyterian Rust Medical Center, Sandoval County Regional Medical Center, and similar companies. Unser Blvd also provides quick access to the South Valley and Interstate 40. Substantial residential development is occurring around it such as: The Boulders, The Trails, Montecitto and Paradise Views. These neighborhoods are growing, and some have only a few lots available.

There is no Architectural Control Committee for this neighborhood because the regulations for development are included in the Volcano Cliffs Sector Development Plan.    Click here to see the VCSDP

Zoning Areas in Volcano Cliffs

Large Lots

Consists of single family homes on lots larger than typical single family development, respecting the existing Volcano Cliffs residential platting.  They are to be built in a way complementing the natural environment, preserving significant view corridors, and containing visible private open space.

Urban Residential

Provides for a variety of urban housing types within a network of livable, pedestrian-friendly streets, including: courtyard housing, loft apartments, patio homes, townhouses, duplexes, and detached single-family homes on small lots.

Rural Residential

Surrounded on three sides by open space including the Petroglyph National Monument, Rural Residential areas provide for bigger homes on larger lots consistent with the current platting or allow clustered housing of higher density bordered by conservation areas of natural terrain and beauty.

Village Center

Provides opportunities to develop a mix of commercial and higher-density residential uses.